UEH Advanced Program



Conducted partially in English, the Advanced Programs at UEH aims to enhance the study experience for both local and international students. International exchange students who wish to participate in the Advanced Program are encouraged to take classes with local students, which will create more opportunities for language exchange, network and new friendship expansion, as well as being able to enjoy a culturally diverse and immersive experience during their time in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

  • Lecturers participating in teaching are leading experts in each field with active, learner-centered teaching methods.
  • Facilities are invested by the University with modern equipment for teaching and learning, classrooms are equipped with air-conditioning throughout the course. To be given priority in using the school's services (libraries, dormitories, learning facilities, ...).
  • Learning support: There is a team of academic advisors, teaching assistants to answer questions and advise students throughout the course.
  • Training programs: Training programs are designed with specialized orientation right from the first year. Therefore, students can choose their major/major from the beginning.
  • Scientific research, soft skills, practice tours: Students are allowed to participate in scientific research led by lecturers or participate in scientific research projects with teachers
  • During their study at the school, students are trained in soft skills that are tailored to the real needs of businesses.
  • To organize sightseeing, practice and internships at domestic or foreign organizations, enterprises, companies, and production establishments according to the plan