UEH Advanced Program


Finance (Advanced Program)

Advanced Bachelor Program (in English) specializing in Finance is equivalent to the education and training program of advanced universities in the world. The program aims to equip learners with basic knowledge on financial management and corporate governance to effectively work and smoothly develop in multinational companies, banks, securities companies, investment funds, or financial institutions, both domestic and abroad. The specialized content is developed with general and necessary subjects in order to help students to obtain effective working methods and to approach rapidly the speedy and substantial changes of the financial market and the economy. The program is especially in line with the trend of international integration and the Industrial Revolution 4.0. In addition, students are also equipped with skills that are currently required such as project appraisal and management, asset valuation and financial asset management, mergers and acquisitions, financing and investment decisions, financial strategies and behavioral finance. Especially, in this program, students are also provided with knowledge of financial technology (FinTech) and financial startup skills. After graduation, learners also meet the necessary conditions for self-studying and achieving certifications in accounting and finance such as CFA and ACCA.

Graduating from the School of Finance will open up a diverse range of domestic and international career opportunities. Students will also find themselves amongst the most highly paid graduates from business-related disciplines. Our qualifications are widely recognized and our graduates are highly sought after by the ones working at finance and banking, international development, and even in public sector. Graduates can be able to become an analyst or broker at securities companies, tax consultant, auditor, credit specialist, project appraisal specialist, and trading specialist at insurance companies and other financial institutions. In particular, English proficiency together with the ability to analyze, research, formulate policies and solve professional problems in the financial field will certainly help graduates to better integrate into the regional and international labor markets. This objective goes beyond and ensure that graduates can easily gain employment. SOF's students are motivated and highly capable. This goal directs us to develop an educational experience that maximises our students’ personal and academic development opportunity. We will support them to become enterprises’ managers, independent thinkers with the leadership, creativity and problem-solving skills that empower them to create positive change within industry, academia, the workplace and society more generally.