UEH Advanced Program


Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Advanced Program)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management’s general objective is providing students with comprehensive knowledge and skills of the needed technologies for the evaluation and assessment of the diversity in business and global supply chain management environment, analyze and design the logistics systems in Vietnam and around the world. Undergraduate students can handle tasks related to supply chain operations, including demand planning, purchasing, inventory control, material handling, transportation, inventory management, product distribution and support services, and strategic supply chain management.

The program structure follows international standards with reference to top regional and world universities with Logistics and Supply chain management courses, provided by a strong team of academic lecturers as well as on-hand practitioners. Logistics and Supply Chain Management program will equip students with sufficient industry knowledge, technical skills and professional attitudes to become a successful employee at local and international logistics and supply chain enterprises.

This program helps to develop students to build up knowledge and interest in contemporary issues central to the logistics and supply chain management industry. It covers areas including procurement and global sourcing, warehousing, freight and distribution, business operations, supply chain analytics and the management of human and physical resources.

Besides, students are expected to improve their communication skills, critical thinking, independent and team-work task handling, and problem-solving skills that are vital to any business fields.