STT Tên trường đối tác Quốc gia Biên bản ký kết Nội dung hợp tác Thời gian bắt đầu hợp tác
1 University of Western Sydney Australia MOA DBA, MA, BA 2012
2 Monash University Australia MOU Exchange staff and students 2016
3 Macquarie University Australia MOU MOU for jointly supervised PhD degree (Cotutelle) 2017
4 Queensland University of Technology Australia MOU General agreement 2017
5 Hasselt University Belgium MOU   2017
6 Capilano University Canada MOU Exchange staff and Students 2011
7 Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce  China MOU    2009 
8  International School of Management Technologiepark  Germany  MOA  Exchange staff and Students  2007
9 Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz Germany MOA Exchange staff and Students 2015
10  Institut Teknologi Bandung  Indonesia  MOU  Student Exchange  2018
11 University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin  Ireland  MOU  Student & Staff Exchange  2016
12 Tel-Aviv University  Israel  MOU  Agreement of educational cooperation  2017
13 University of Parma  Italy  MOU  General agreement  2017
14 Musashi University  Japan  MOU  Exchange staff and students  2018
15 Saitama University  Japan  MOU, MOA Exchange students   2014
16 Hosei University  Japan  MOU  Exchange staff and students  2015
17 SOKA University  Japan  MOA  Exchange students  2015
18 Yonsei University  Korea  MOU  Exchange staff and students  2007
19 Chosun University  Korea  MOU  Student Exchange  2008
20 Kangnam University Korea MOU Friendship & cooperation 2010
21 University Of Seoul  Korea MOU Student exchange  2011
22 Woosong University/ Solbridge International  Korea  MOU, MOA  Exchange staff and students  2014
23 Catholic University of Korea  Korea  MOU  Exchange students  2016
24 Sun Moon University  Korea MOU   Staff & Student Exchange; 2+2 dual degree Program  2016
25 Chonnam Univerity   Korea  MOU  Student and Staff exchange  2007
26 Incheon University  Korea MOU   Student exchange 2018 
27  UTAR  Malaysia MOU, MOA   Student exchange  2013
28 Erasmus University Rotterdam  Netherlands  MOU, MOA MED  1995
29 The Hague University of Applied Sciences Netherlands MOU, MOA Student exchange 2013
30 International Institute of Social Studies  Netherlands  MOU  Joint PhD Programme   2018
31 Stenden University  Netherlands MOU   Student Exchange, 2+2  2015-2017
32 Victoria Wellington  New Zealand  MOU, MOA  BBA  2004, 2011 extended in 2017
33 Massey University  New Zealand  MOU, MOA  Master, PhD  2006-1016
34 University of Waikato  New Zealand  MOU  2+2 Bachelor, 1+1 Masters of Law  2016, 2017
35 Silliman University  Philippines  MOU  Exchange staff and research  2015
36 Assumption College Maketi City  Philippines  MOU  Exchange staff and research  2017
37 Singapore Polytechnic Business School  Singapore  MOA  Exchange students  2015
38 University of Colombo  Sri Lanka  MOU  Exchange staff and research  2014
39 University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)  Switzerland  MOU, MOA  Exchage staff, student and research   2016
40 National Cheng Kung University   Taiwan  MOU  Student and Staff exchange  2002
41  National Taichung University  Taiwan   MOU  Exchange staff and students  2009
42 National Kaohsiung Uni. Of Applied Sciences  Taiwan MOU   Exchange staff and research  2010
43 National Sun Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung  Taiwan MOU   Exchange staff and research  2012
44 National Central University  Taiwan  MOU, MOA  Joint and exchange  2014
45 National Tsing Hua University  Taiwan  MOA   Exchange staff and students  2015
46 National Chung Hsing University (NCHU)  Taiwan  MOU  Exchange staff and students  2016
47 National Univ. of Kaohsiung  Taiwan  MOU  Exchange staff and research  2006, 2016
48 Chihlee University of Technology   Taiwan  MOU  Student and Staff exchange  2018
49 National Chi Nan University  Taiwan  MOU  Student and Staff exchange  2018
50 Phranakhon Rajabhat University (PRU) Thailand MOU, MOA Joint and exchange 2012
51 SPU Thailand MOU int and exchange 2013
52 Khonkaen University Thailand MOU Exchange Staff 2004, 2018
53 Eurasia Business and Eco. Society (EBES) Turkey MOU Conference, publication 2016
54 Aberdeen University UK MOU, MOA Master of Finance and Investment Man 2016
55 California State University, Fullerton USA Letter of Intent Partnership & Cooperation 2010
56 University of California, Irvine Extension USA MOU Partnership & Cooperation 2010
57 Murray State University USA Agreement Exchange staff and students 2012
58 University of West Florida USA MOA Exchange staff and students 2014
59 City University of Seattle USA MOA Exchange staff & students, 1+1, 2+2 2017
60 Shidler College of Business USA MOA Master of HRM 2017