The 11th Congress of the Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (AAERE): “A pathway towards Carbon Neutrality in Asia”

The 11th Congress of the Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (AAERE) co-organized by the UEH College of Economics, Laws and Government (CELG) and the Economy and Environment Partnership for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA).

1. The main theme:

The main theme of the 11th Congress is A pathway towards Carbon Neutrality in Asia

We invite leading academics of Asia and around the world to exchange ideas on how to effectively design decarbonization policies and support decarbonization technologies for carbon neutrality.

Furthermore, we will discuss policy cooperation and strategy in Asia to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs associated with carbon neutral climate policies. Successful policy design, supporting new technologies, and cooperation in Asia will not only lead to climate neutrality but will also strengthen future industries and businesses in the region. Interestingly, the thematic session “Universities for Carbon Neutrality” is devoted to share university’s experiences on implementing sustainability strategy and actions for carbon neutrality, and to form a network of universities for carbon neutrality.

2. More information about Keynote Speakers:

Topic 1: Getting to carbon neutrality: Challenges and implications for Asia

Professor Paul Ekins

Paul Ekins has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of London and is Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources at University College London. He was a Member of the UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution from 2002-2008. From 2004-2019 he was a Co-Director of the UK Energy Research Centre. He was a member of the European Commission’s High-Level Panel on the European Decarbonization Pathways Initiative. He is a member of UNEP’s International Resource Panel (IRP), and was the lead author of the IRP’s reports on resource efficiency (commissioned by the G7 governments and presented in Japan in 2016). He was a Co-Chair of UNEP’s sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6), which was presented to the fourth United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi in March 2019. He is the author of numerous papers, book-chapters and articles in a wide range of journals, and has written or edited twelve books. In 1994 Paul Ekins received UNEP’s Global 500 Award ‘for outstanding environmental achievement’. In the UK New Year’s Honors List for 2015 he received an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) for services to environmental policy.

Topic 2: Vietnam Climate Change & Development: The Contexts and Climate Actions

Dr. Muthukumara Mani

Muthukumara Mani (Mani) is a Lead Environmental and Climate Change Economist for the Southeast Asia Region of the World Bank. Mani has been working on climate change mitigation and adaptation issues and environmental issues for most of his career. He has led several regional flagship reports on climate change, glaciers, air pollution, and water. He is leading the Country Climate and Development Report-a new diagnostic being prepared by the World Bank—for Vietnam and Cambodia and policy dialogue on climate change issues in the Southeast Asia region. Mani has led the World Bank's work on assessing environmental implications of development policy operations in the Environment Global Practice of the World Bank. His work has also focused on country environmental assessments; natural resources management; environmental institutions and governance; and trade and climate change issues. Mani has several books, policy reports, and peer-reviewed journal articles to his credit. He holds a Ph.D. and Masters in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA.

3. Agenda:

Day 1: August 19th, 2022:

            08:30-09:00 Opening Remarks

            09:00-10:00 Keynote Speech: Paul Ekins, University College London

                                    “Getting to carbon neutrality: Challenges and implications for Asia”

            10:10-12:10  Parallel Session 1

            13:30-15:30  Parallel Session 2

            15:45-17:45  Parallel Session 3

            18:00-19:30  Gala Dinner

Day 2: August 20th, 2022:

            9:00-11:00    Parallel Session 4

            11:10-12:10  Keynote Speech: Muthukumara Mani, World Bank

                               “Vietnam Climate Change & Development: The Contexts and Climate Actions”

            13:00-15:00  Parallel Session 5

            15:15-17:15  Parallel Session 6

            17:15-17:30  Closing Remarks

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