About us

With an insightful modern and professional approach, IDR is equipped to meet all the needs and demands of research, training, coaching, consulting and providing the information relating to the economic field.



Interesting Collaborations


    • Collaborating with Governmental organizations and local non-Governmental associations to provide training courses for enterprises.
    • Providing economics related training courses for Governmental administrative organizations.
    • Cooperate with trustful organizations, enterprises, and entities to achieve a higher level of success

    Research and consultation

    • Collaborating with governmental administrative organizations in order to research and develop rightful socio-economic projects for local development.
    • Collaborating with entities, organizations and enterprises to help improve their ability in terms of management, organizing, market research and expansion, etc.
    • Collaborating with domestic and foreign organizations in order to improve researching, consulting capacity as well as co-publishing researches and papers on well-known magazines such as Scopus, ISI.