About us

On September 5, 2014, the School of Foreign Languages for Economics was established on the foundation of upgrading its predecessor - the Department of Foreign Languages. On March 8, 2021, the School was renamed the School of Languages (SFL).

The SFL offers foreign language instructions ​​for students of different academic levels, especially undergraduate programs for training high-qualified human resources mastering the English language. Also, the School provides long and short-term courses to improve foreign language capacity for people in need and set out development strategies for training, scientific research, and international cooperation in foreign language teaching and learning for UEH.



Interesting Collaborations

    The SFL has promoted cooperative relationships with domestic and international universities and institutions, international educational organizations and businesses to:
    • Implement academic exchanges: exchange of students and faculty
    • Build on affiliate training programs
    • Develop collaborations in scientific research and international publications
    • Expand opportunities for our students to participate in internships, business semesters and cultural exchanges