About us

Formerly established in 1990 and known as the Faculty of Business Administration and upon integration of 03 divisions: Fundamental Management Science, Merchandize and Economic Laws, the School of Management has cultivated over 30 years of progress with innovative development, all of which have received various honor awards by the State and the Government.

The School of Management is responsible for offering training programs at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels in the majors of Management.
Enhancing scientific research competence for SOM academics. This aims to increase SOM’s number of publications in qualified domestic and international journals as well as enriching the scientific knowledge;
Establishing domestic and international collaborations with universities and businesses to internationalize training programs and apply novel knowledge to solve business problems in real-world situations.



Interesting Collaborations


    Business administration (undergraduate); Executive master of business administration, master of hospital management


    Hospital management, Healthcare management, Corporate social responsibility, Sustainable Development, Digital transformation


    Developing enterprise KPI system; Strategic Management; Quality management; Risk management.