About us

Our mission focuses on providing consultation and advice to UEH Board of Management on program structure and content while also directly conducting instructions on political theories to all levels of students, from Undergraduates, Graduates, Post-Grads and Research Fellows.

We also coordinate with other Schools and Departments within the University to establish quality training programs and meaningful political activities for students.
During the period of 1996 - 2016, the School of Politics has trained hundreds of Bachelors and Masters in Political Economy and dozens of doctorates in Political Economy.



Interesting Collaborations

    The School of Politics seeks further research collaboration efforts with both external and international partners in the following areas:
    • Political Economy: developing training curriculum for undergraduate & postgraduate levels
    • Social Work: developing training curriculum for undergraduate level
    • Conducting research related to social science, political science
    • Providing consultation on governmental guidelines and policies