About us

The School of Finance aims at training and producing a high-quality workforce with an enthusiastic work ethic, along with great adaptability to join in the global financial movement. The School has successfully built and developed advanced training programs that are up-to-par with the Top 100 Best Universities in the World through their use of modern teaching methodologies and the latest technology to help students fully immerse and experience a highly-productive and dynamic learning environment.



Interesting Collaborations

    The School of Finance has built, developed, and continuously improved training programs towards international cooperation in line with various prestigious universities worldwide. This was done to further enhance the foundational knowledge for the students so that they can quickly achieve internationally-recognized professional certificates in Finance such as CFA, CPA, CMT, FRM, ANSIIF.
    Today, UEH students graduating from the Finance major are exempt from taking the 05 subject exams under CPA, and training programs that are formally recognized as strategic partners such as CFA, FRM, CMT.
    The School of Finance always welcomes partner universities, researchers, associations and businesses to jointly improve the quality of our training. At present, the SOF are in agreement with:
    • University of Aberdeen (UK)
    • University of Rennes I (France)
    • CMT Association
    • CFA institute
    • CPA Australia
    • Other partners