About us

The School of Banking (SOB) at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city was established in 2003 to be one of the leading educational and training institutions in Vietnam. The SOB strives for high-quality teaching and research in banking, finance, and capital markets. At the SOB, we offer top-tier programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels while enforcing real-life practice of said-knowledge through the ongoing intensive collaboration between the SOB and its strategic partners in the Finance industry, catering directly to the need of Finance and Banking professionals in labor markets.
During its 20 years of establishment, the SOB had had thousands of students enrolling in different programs with concentrations in Banking, Finance and Capital Markets. Thus far, the SOB Alumni Association has accumulated numerous members in high-level positions, such as the Board of Executives and Directors of large inancial institutions in Vietnam.



Interesting Collaborations

    The SOB has developed successful strategic partnerships with many prestigious universities and financial institutions throughout the world. Currently, only SOB has been recognized as a member of the “Joint University and Enterprise Learning” (JUEL) Erasmus project.