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A multidisciplinary university with reputable academic influence within Asia and and sustainable development.


UEH commits to enhance and elevate knowledge acquisition, breed young talents in the age of globalization and integration while pioneering in innovation and public services

  • Enhance Knowledge Acquisition:Through meaningful research activities, skills training and community services, UEH hopes to encourage the rapid distribution of academia, civility and proper educational values to the general public 
  • Breed Young Talents: UEH leads in providing high-quality workforce with the most advanced higher education capabilities while quickly adapting to the dynamic labor market and the global economy through dispersing necessary tools to engage in lifelong learning.
  • Global Integration: UEH aspires to move swiftly towards internationalization while embarking on global integration into the worldwide university community; and transfer of knowledge in domestic, regional, and global development activities.
  • Pioneer of Innovation & Creativity: On the basis of innovative discoveries, UEH realizes the need for technological advances adaptation to cultivate a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving climate of academic training and scientific research. 
  • Promoting Contribution to Public Services: UEH aims to create and add significant values to the work that we do, to establish a strong sense of community in the people that we train, and together, develop a long-standing impressive society



To realize and recognize both the learners’ and society’s needs for personal and professional development;

To disclose and discuss scientific findings with relevant organizations and businesses;

To establish a highly capable workforce with diverse expertise, dexterity, strong sense of responsibility and ethics;

To encourage the creative adaptation of technology in teaching, researching and learning;

To maintain pride in and uphold the University’s long-standing traditions.

  • UEH Standard of Excellence: With quality as top-of-mind, UEH invests in academic excellence using cutting-edge research and best scholar practices to maintain sustainable growth and continuously producing top-notch talents and resources for the community. 
  • Progressive and Resourcefulness: UEH promotes access to a culture of innovation and collaborative efforts to realize distinction in training and research and call for a lifelong learning journey amongst students, faculty members and scholars. 
  • Academic Freedom: We were able to cultivate our high-impact reputation as a public research-oriented university due to our transparent recognition and respect towards objectivity, constructive criticism and science-based claims. 
  • Principles of Ethical Practices and Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all aspects of our work, including training and research with our partners, our community and our society 
  • Accountability: All UEHers are held accountable for their roles as contributing members of our university, community and society. We foster high sense of customer-centric practices and closely pursue the latest discoveries to always be able to provide the most suitable products. 
  • Celebrating Differences: The inevitable diversity of a growing globalized world envelops us. Through establishing and maintaining transparency, mutual trusts and appreciation, our unique differences in values, beliefs and individual characters is what distinguishes us from the crowd
  • Solidarity - Collaboration: As a unified entity, UEH family spearheads forward in the same direction of creative innovation and global integration. We stand in solidarity with our people, our home and constantly collaborate with our partners from around the world to elevate the quality of learning, researching and living both locally and internationally. We are profoundly optimistic, willingly open, understanding and supportive of our transatlantic cooperation with our community.