UEH Inbound Admissions



Incoming international students are encouraged to check out the details of the following programs in order to find the most appropriate and suitable program for your studying here at UEH.
Take note that you should include the name of the program you chose in your Registration Form and need to submit all required documents by the First Day of the Semester prior to your Program Start Date (at least 3 months in advance). For example, if you apply for Fall Admissions, UEH RMIC must have received your application at least 3 months before your Program Start Date. See UEH Academic Calendar below for more information. 
  1. Eligible Programs:

​Inbound Exchange Students interested in joining the community here at UEH can check out the following programs and courses for your choosing. The duration of each program can last up to 2 years of instructions. See your Academic Advisor or Student Exchange Officer for confirmation. 

  1. UEH Academic Calendar:

Dates of Instruction





Instruction Begins

Period 1 (4 weeks):  starts early Jan

Period 2 (13 weeks): starts late Feb

(5 weeks): starts late Jun

(17 weeks): starts early Aug

Last Day of Instruction




Final Examination Week

Last week of May - First week of Jun

Last week of Jul - First week of Aug

Second week of Dec



Typically organized in July and according to the Schools’ schedules


Semester Breaks

Period 1 (Lunar New Year Week): First 2 weeks of Feb

Break, mid-Jun

Break, First week of Aug

Break, Last week of Dec - First week of Jan

University and National Holidays (subject to change yearly and in accordance to the official announcement from the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs)




New Year’s Day, Jan 1

Semester Break, first week of Aug

Independence Day, Sept 2

Lunar New Year Week:

Check back for real-time updates


Vietnamese Teacher’s Day, Nov 19

Hung King Commemoration Day


Liberation Day, Apr 30


Labor Day, May 1


Application Deadlines

Applications are received and reviewed on a rolling basis and is dependent on the availability of courses at time of application. Students will commence their program of choice the following semester of time of application




Typically 3 months before Spring Intake. 

Typically 3 months before Summer Intake. 

Typically 3 months before Fall Intake. 

  1. Required Documents:
  • Registration form
  • Passport (valid at least 6 months upon the registered date)
  • English Proficiency Test Results (notarized or sealed)
  • Transcripts (notarized or sealed)
  • Letter of confirmation from Host University indicating need for transfer
  • ID picture (3x4)
  1. Registration Process

Stages of Admissions

  • Stage 1: Upon successful submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation email from RMIC that your application has been received.
  • Stage 2: Your application will be reviewed. You will receive an email on the next steps or whether you need to make any changes to your application.
  • Stage 3: Your application will be in the final review stage. You will receive an Offer Letter from UEH on the details of your studying time.
  • Stage 4: After you have the Offer Letter, apply for your Visa. Check out the Visa requirements and steps here. Please be aware that the process of getting your Visa can take up to 1 month.
  • Stage 5: Pay your tuition fee at your University (for Exchange Programs) OR at UEH (for Articulation programs). We will guide you through the payment process via email.

Deadline (3 months before program start date)

To ensure that students are admitted, receive their immigration documents, and have their tuition paid on time, applications must be received at least 3 months before their intended program of study start date, by the deadlines listed below:

  • For exchange students beginning summer/fall: April 1st
  • For exchange students beginning winter/spring: August 1st

Registration Forms:

  1. Contact:
    • Location: UEH RMIC Office, Room A1.12 - UEH Campus A
    • Working hours: 8AM - 4PM
    • Phone: (+84) 28 38 29 56 03
    • Email: rmic@ueh.edu.vn