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ArtTech Fusion for future Smart Cities
  • 04 Mar 2021
  • 2021

ArtTech Fusion for future Smart Cities

Technology is rapidly changing the ways in which urban areas and relevant issues are designed, managed and developed. Meanwhile, art is famously known for its connectedness among human interactions through elevating people’s quality of life, both tangibly and intangibly. Many countries worldwide, such as the USA, Canada, Denmark, Korea, etc., have successfully incorporated both art and technology into becoming a pillar of a worth-living smart city in the age of sustainable development. 

The week of January 8-16, 2021 marks the kick-off of the SMARTCITY+ArtTech Fusion 2021 event series and the “ArtTech Fusion for Ho Chi Minh Livable Smart City” art gallery. The event, held at UEH Campus V (232/6 Vo Thi Sau St., District 3, HCMC), was organized by various departments and institutes from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), namely UEH Institute of Innovation (UII), UEH Youth Union and Pho Ben Doi, along with further support and collaboration from other universities, research centers, businesses and governmental and non-governmental agencies locally and internationally.

Part of the exhibition space

Dr. Trinh Tu Anh - Director of the UEH Institute of Smart Cities and  Management (ISCM), Head of the Organization Board shared: “Developing a livable and sustainable smart city along with working towards protecting the environment aren’t just dependent on the Government but they also require active involvement from all contributing members of the society. For that reason, ArtTech Fusion is proud to lead the way in building a “Lively, Smart Ho Chi Minh City” while creating positive and lasting impacts on future generations. It is believed that in addition to advanced technologies, smart cities should also be formed upon the basis of art and culture, as this would bring about a holistic and high quality of life to all. ArtTech Fusion also acts as a smart platform for all relevant authority figures, artists, educational institutes, private and multinational corporations, etc., to join hands in establishing this ideal living space.”

“Art has long been the breath of life, a foundation for creativity for all. As a result, we pioneered in creating a platform to connect our communities, in which we assumed an important role in the strategy development for both Vietnam and international creative industries. Each organization has their own strength in its respective field; therefore, any and all collaboration from each individual entity will surely bring about meaningful value and impact to our community. Today’s event came about thanks to the successful partnership between ISCM of UEH and Pho Ben Doi, and together, we look forward to a long-term future where more diverse art exhibitions and activities can be organized, living up exactly to our expectations to foraging a Smart Ho Chi Minh City worth living” – Mr Nguyen Trung Hien, Founder of Pho Ben Doi, Art Partner of Project, remarked.

Dr. Trinh Tu Anh - Director of Institute of Smart City and Management and Mr. Nguyen Trung Hien - Founder of Pho Ben Doi introducing the series of events at SmartCity ArtTech Fusion 2021

ISCM - UEH signing a cooperation agreement with Pho Ben Doi to implement Smartcity + ArtTech Fusion project 2021

Artist Uu Dam – one of the contributors with various contemporary artworks at the event – shared his desire to bring to the exhibit a collection of environmentally-friendly themed works of art as he believes that in order to thrive and live contently in a smart city, one must be exposed to a dynamic, clean and artistic environment. My artworks depict Thanh Giong, a long-time hero riding on an iron horse protecting our nation – the way in which resembles each of us today. We are our own Thanh Giong in the modern age, with our motorbikes, silently fighting against the pollution we ourselves created. Each individual must be reminded and stay alert against this to begin to make even the smallest changes towards protecting our environment.

Contemporary Thanh Giong painting by artist Uu Dam at the exhibition

Mr. Vu Duc Chien, Leader of Urban Sketcher, noted, “As the city becomes more advanced, it is impossible not to have its own unique heritages and marks. This partnership between ISCM - UEH and Urban Sketcher Group signals an interesting start to a new area of art-tech integration, and henceforth, contributing to solving typical urban problems”.

Impromptu sketching at the exhibition

“Roundtable” sharing between the Organizers, Artist Uu Dam and Guests

ArtTech Fusion is now considered a new and innovative urban approach to turn Ho Chi Minh City into a worthwhile smart city.

“ArtTech Fusion for Ho Chi Minh Livable Smart City” Week aims to introduce performances and exhibitions, seminars & discussion forums for industry experts, while bringing about community campaigns, solution-centric application studies, real projects to build a smart city worth living, with the focus mainly on Gen Z (accounting for a large portion of the city’s overall population).

The SMARTCITY + ArtTech Fusion project calls for the cooperation of all state agencies, unions, private enterprises, communities, domestic/international universities and research institutes, non-governmental organizations to carry out more than 20 activities, large and small in 2021 in order to build and develop a smart city worth living in District 1 and District 3, all of which will serve as a foundation for broader development and application for the whole Ho Chi Minh City and other cities.

In the opening week of SmartCity + ArtTech Fusion 2021, the audience will enjoy the launch of the Art and Technology space. Some of the main activities include:

  • An exhibition of multi-material paintings with the theme “CITY OF ARTS | Yellow” from Group 5+ along with other rising domestic and international artists from Russia, Bulgaria, China, Myanmar, etc.;
  • An exhibition of Artist Uu Dam’s contemporary artworks, one of many well-known Vietnamese-American artists in the US, who’s often recognized for his creative creations such as L2D, Rong Ran Len, Time Boomerang, etc.;
  • Participating in freelance sketching with Urban Sketchers Vietnam, VietNam Watercolor Art; while enjoying classical music night Live Session performed by Germer Team - the first non-governmental organization in the South to bring about the spreading of classical music to young people;
  • Experimenting with VR technology, urban simulation and applying Technology in Art to solve hypothetical urban problems at ISCM's Smart City StudioLab.

Established in May 2020, Institute of Smart City and Management (ISCM) operates under the control of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, and it is the first step for UEH to become a multi-disciplinary university. With plans to build a better integrated education system and enhance the quality of life of urban residents, ISCM - UEH proudly set up the smart City StudioLab, fully equipped with AR, VR, AI Applications, along with Gamification and Simulation, purposefully used for teaching-implementing consultation and research. Additionally, ISCM-UEH also houses a team of experienced local and international experts with ample qualifications and capabilities to uphold the demands raised by various authoritative figures, departments and boards, Higher Education & Research Institutes, private/public enterprises and other relevant organizations looking to solve and develop smart cities. 

UEH Innovation Institute (UII) was established on April 20, 2018, on the basis of cooperation between University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore Management University under the support of VinaCapital Investment Fund and the Department of Private Economic Development Research. The Institute is a STEM-focused organization that conducts innovative research activities in the fields of economics and management. In addition, UII has also formed a startup ecosystem and connected with various investors while providing assistance to companies, organizations and entrepreneurs to bring about innovative business models with effective processes, contributing to promoting their respective businesses. UII is equipped with in-depth industry knowledge and how to apply theory-centric conversations into real-life practice. The Institute aims to enhance Vietnam’s economy’s competitive edge through promoting innovation and bringing research into practice.

Established in 2016Pho Ben Doi is the first community multi-morphological art project in Vietnam, with the goal of positioning Dalat as a unique cultural destination in Southeast Asia. Pho Ben Doi has pioneered in creating a platform for connecting community resources while playing an important role in the development strategy of Vietnam's and international creative industries. For Pho Ben Doi, contemporary art is a way of expressing the essence of urban life, making things move towards the future, and art at the same time helps to develop creative values, which is also one of the core values of Pho Ben Doi. Through contemporary arts, technology, community activities and tourism, Pho Ben Doi hopes to raise public awareness on urban conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Pictures from the week of SMARTCITY + ArtTech Fusion 2021 and the Art and Technology space launching:

Exhibition space

Introduction of smart city model at ISCM 

Exhibition space

Exhibition space

Exhibition space

A part of exhibition space

News, photos: Department of Marketing - Communication