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UEH in the Community
  • 03 Mar 2021
  • 2021

UEH in the Community

As a public university, we are deeply committed to serving our nation. Our goal is to contribute to Vietnam’s development challenges by sharing knowledge, building on skills that are beneficial to our society.

Throughout our storied history, UEH has prioritiezd being a useful contributing member to our community - which meant all of our actions, programs and projects are altogether geared towards creating a positive impact on surrounding neighborhoods. Over the decades, we’ve steadily built up network and collaborated with partners both locally and globally to bring about discovery and innovation that will hold significance to the community.

Today, the university is home to some 30,000 students and 1,000 faculty and staff, who carry on a tradition of active community service and engagement. Our commitment to community-building can be seen at every level of the university, clearly encompassing in the participation of our research facilities, individual schools, departments and programs.

As a key institution in Vietnam, we are devoted to helping your people realize their dream of a college education. We strive to formulate initiatives that can help with their health, vitality and overall development. We are proud to protect, develop and cherish our neighborhood communities.