CELG Seminar with a leading international expert on issues of development strategy and foreign aid

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  • Topics: (1)Using role models to inspire marginalized groups: A cautionary tale, (2) Academic Advising
  • Time: 10:30 AM (Time in Vietnam), Monday, March 20th, 2023
  • Location: Room B1-1001, the University of Economics Hochiminh city, 279 Nguyen Tri Phuong St, Ward 5, Dist 10, HCMC

Using role models to stimulate economic activities has been shown to be effective in a number of different settings. But do such approaches also work for remote and marginalized communities? We present experimental evidence on the impact of a role models intervention that aims to inspire ethnic minority households to start businesses and diversify income sources. The research design enables us to examine the extent to which the reliability of the role models matters for shifting behaviour. Contrary to the previous literature, we find that despite a high level of compliance and successful implementation of the intervention, the role models intervention had no effect on business activities or income. We also find evidence to suggest a negative reaction by ethnic minority households that were treated with relatable ethnic minority role models; they disengage in commercial agricultural activities and move more towards subsistence agriculture. Given the extent of marginalisation of this group, this suggests that the relatable role models were not believable and so diminished trust and led participants to rebel against the message of the videos. Overall, our findings cast doubt over the generalizability of role model interventions in inducing a behavioural change in contexts where populations are severely marginalized.

About author:

A leading international academic on issues of development strategy and foreign aid, with an interest in poverty,inequality, agricultural sector policy and planning, household and enterprise development, and climate change,sustainability, and natural resources. Have published widely in leading scientific journals and academic books.The number of internationally refereed journal articles is 133, to which come 6 books, 30 edited book volumes/special journal issues, and 72 book chapters. Finn Tarp worked in Vietnam based at CIEM from 2000-2003 and has over the past almost 25 years led a wide range of policy relevant research and capacity building efforts in the country, including the implementation of a number of enterprise and household surveys in collaboration with institutions such as CIEM, ILLSA, GSO, IPSARD/CAP and others. See www.econ.ku.dk/ftarp for full details (including a large number of studies and publications on Vietnam).

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