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Language Workshop: Transform peer pressure into study motivation
  • 21 Jul 2023
  • 2023

Language Workshop: Transform peer pressure into study motivation

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM, Thursday, 21/7/2023

Platform: Livestream on fanpage UEH English Zone

Peer pressure is a common phenomenon among students that can have both positive and negative effects on their academic performance. While peer pressure often leads to distractions and a lack of focus on studies, it is possible to harness its potential and transform it into a powerful study motivation.

At UEH English Zone, we believe that your peers can be your greatest allies on your educational journey. By associating with like-minded individuals who value education, learners can create an environment that fosters positive competition and mutual support,  inspire the community to study harder and set higher goals.

Our language workshop is specifically tailored to UEHer, providing the necessary skills and support to transform peer pressure into a powerful tool for academic success. Through engaging workshops, and interactive group discussions, we empower you to build a strong motivation to learn the language and support you in your academic pursuits. Join our “Language Workshop: Transform peer pressure into study motivation” and unlock the full potential as a university learner. Don't let peer pressure hinder your progress; let it propel you toward academic excellence!

Registration link: https://forms.gle/1zgkLeMEcr7jVPk6A

Speaker: Mr. Mo Ayman,  lecturer at Tesol International Academy


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