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Webometrics: UEH has risen to Top 8 Best Universities in Vietnam, leading Schools of Economics, Management, Business and Law for 4 consecutive years

Webometrics: UEH has risen to Top 8 Best Universities in Vietnam, leading Schools of Economics, Management, Business and Law for 4 consecutive years

With a multidisciplinary development strategy with an academic reputation and sustainable action in Asia, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) has continuously entered the Top of Top Universities in Vietnam in accordance with Webometrics rankings. Most recently, UEH has officially increased our ranking, the 8th position among the Best Universities in Vietnam besides other multidisciplinary universities.

On February 16th, 2022, Webometrics Ranking announced their ranking results for the first time in 2022: University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) has increased 01 place, from 9th place (in July 2021) to 8th place (in February 2022) compared to other 178 universities in Vietnam participating in this year's ranking besides other multidisciplinary universities and as the Leading University in the fields of economics, management, business and law in Vietnam (for 4 consecutive years). This progress is also reflected in the increase of 502 places (ranked number 2320) compared to that of 2021 (ranked number 2822) among participating educational institutions worldwide in 2022. In short, since participating in Webometrics ranking in 2016, UEH has been highly appreciated and consecutively entered the Top of Top Universities in Vietnam and in the region.

UEH is being ranked at 8th position out of 178 educational institutions besides multidisciplinary universities in Vietnam on Webometrics ranking (updated in February 2022).

The Webometrics ranking has been conducted by Cybermetrics Labs (under Spanish National Research Council) since 2004, including more than 31,000 higher education institutions in 200 countries around the world. This ranking evaluates the digitization capacity and the pervasiveness and impact on academic resources of higher education institutions in accordance with the visibility indicators showing the influence degree of the system of websites and online information, transparency or openness in Google Scholar and academic excellence (excellence or scholar) that measure the number of most cited articles.

To achieve this rating, UEH has had the following action strategies for individual specific ranking indicator:

Visibility: This is an indicator of the number of external links leading to the university's website, assessing the influence of the university's website system (weight: 50%). In the past time, UEH has promoted digital communication activities, concurrently, increasing the influence of the website ueh.edu.vn on the community through a series of programs to spread knowledge in many fields, to connect the community of scientists, researchers, organizations, businesses and individuals to bring initiatives as well as to propose practical solutions to contribute to the development of society. Currently, UEH website, rated as one of the top websites, reaches a high-ranking position among universities in Vietnam with 1.1 billion visits/6 months.

Transparency or Openness: This is an index of the number of citations by 210 top university scientists with profiles on Google Scholar, related to the academic pervasiveness of the university (weight: 10%). The results of comparing the number of citations on a 2021 paper by UEH and other public universities in QS Asia Ranking indicate that UEH has the highest average number of citations per article in 2021 at the above level: 2.5 citations/article while those of other public universities have coefficients around 1.5 and below. In addition, the analysis results of UEH's international publications through Scopus database point out that the impact coefficient of citations of UEH's publication in 2021 compared to those of other universities in the world in the same research field. UEH Field-weighted citation impact is 2.4 (significantly higher than a factor of 1.0 as the world average) whereas those of other public universities have a coefficient of about 1.5 and below.

Excellence or Scholar: This in an index that ranks the university's number of articles in the top 10% of most cited articles in all 27 fields of expertise (within 2016-2020 period). This index is to evaluate the quality of the university's internationally published works in accordance with Scimago database (weighted 40%). According to the final report for 2021, UEH had 507 articles published in prestigious international journals under Web of Science, Scopus and ABDC databases (Grade B or higher), an increase of 33% compared to that of 2020 with outstanding quality. In which, ISI, SCI and SCIE publications of UEH have the rate of 87.23% of articles published in journals ranked in Q1 and Q2 groups based on statistics from Scimago, in which the Q1 ranking accounts for 57.97%. Most of UEH's internationally published articles are published in journals belonging to prestigious publishers recognized by the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED), listed as: Springer, Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Taylor and Francis, Sage and Emerald.

The achievement of being ranked at 8th position in educational institutions in Vietnam besides other multidisciplinary universities is a strong step forward, demonstrating UEH's efforts in scientific research and international publication, improving the quality and the number of articles in prestigious domestic and foreign scientific journals; actively participating in teaching/lecturing activities, improving the quality of lectures; increasing the use of the school's online learning platforms and tools and UEH smart library, sharing resources for research and learning and so on. What must be mentioned is the correct direction of UEH Managing Board’s collective leadership with policies to encourage and create conditions for lecturers and officials to promote scientific research activities.

On the journey towards a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University, having an academic reputation in the Asian region by 2030 and continuing to increase its position in prestigious international rankings, the entire UEHers will make efforts at working, studying and researching for scientific knowledge development as well as a more practical and effective resonance value creation for our society.

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