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The University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City maintains its first rank in economics and business universities and is in the top 10 best universities in Vietnam according to the Webometrics Ranking

The University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City maintains its first rank in economics and business universities and is in the top 10 best universities in Vietnam according to the Webometrics Ranking

In 2021, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) is ranked 9th by Webometrics among universities in Vietnam, two places higher than 2020's rankings. Itis proof of UEH's relentless efforts on the journey to improve its academic reputation in Asia, aiming at becoming a multi-disciplinary university.

In July 2021, Webometrics Ranking announced the ranking results for the second time in 2021. Accordingly, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City has moved up two places, from 11th (in 2020) to 9th out of 179 universities in Vietnam participating in this year's ranking, ranked 83rd in Southeast Asia, and ranked 1st among 179 universities in Vietnam in the fields of economics, management, business and law in Vietnam (for three consecutive years).

This progress also represents an increase of UEH 605 places (ranked 2822) compared to 2020 (ranked 3427) among participating educational institutions in the worldwide ranking in 2021.

UEH ranks 9th out of 179 educational institutions in Vietnam and 1st among universities in the fields of economics, management, business and law in Vietnam on the Webometrics ranking (July 2021)

The Webometrics rankings have been conducted by Cybermetrics Labs (under the Spanish National Research Council) since 2004. Data were collected at the beginning of January and July and published at the end of this month. This ranking includes more than 31,000 global higher education institutions.

The ranking assesses higher education institutions' digitization capacity, pervasiveness, and influence on academic resources based on indicators of visibility indicating the influence of websites and online information, transparency or openness on Google Scholar, and excellence or scholar status as measured by the number of most cited articles.

In July 2021, the ranking indexes are specified with specific weights as follows:

  1. Visibility: an indicator of the number of external links leading to the university's website. This  index assesses the influence of the university's website system (weight: 50%).
  2. Transparency or Openness: an index of citations of 210 top university scientists with profiles on Google Scholar. (Exclude 20 scientists with high citations, if any). Data taken from Google Scholar profiles. It is an index related to the academic spillover of the university (weight: 10%).
  3. Excellence or Scholar: an index that ranks the university's number of articles in the top 10% of most cited papers in all 27 subject areas (2015-2019). It is an index to evaluate the quality of the university's internationally published works according to the Scimago database (weight: 40%).







Web contents Impact

Number of external networks (subnets) linking to the institution's webpages (normalized and then the maximum value is chosen)




Top cited researchers

Number of citations from Top 210 authors (excl. top 20 outliers)
  See Transparent Ranking for additional info

Google Scholar



Top cited

Number of papers amongst the top 10% most cited in each one of all 27 disciplines of the full database
  Data for the five year period: 2015-2019



Current evaluation method of Webometrics ranking (Source: Webometrics)

With strategic and synchronous solutions in increasing the quality and quantity of international publications, from January to July 2021, UEH has reached 300 scientific articles in prestigious international journals in the list of ISI/ Scopus (compared to 380 articles in 2020).

The collective efforts of UEH  include sending UEH newsletters, promoting online communication, implementing multi-disciplinary knowledge programs, connecting the community of scientists, researchers, organizations, businesses, and individuals to bring innovations, propose practical solutions and contribute to the development of society, As the result, they all have increased UEH position in the ranking system of Webometrics in 2021.

The result of ranking 9th among educational institutions in Vietnam is a strong step forward, demonstrating UEH's remarkable efforts in implementing synchronously effective solutions to implement its strategies. To continue to improve UEH's position on the Webometrics and other prestigious international rankings, every member of UEH will continue to make efforts in scientific research and publication inimproving the quality and quantity of articles in prestigious domestic and foreign scientific journals; actively participate in teaching activities, improve the quality of lectures; increase the use of the school's online learning platforms, tools and the UEH smart library, share resources for research and learning, etc.

UEH is moving closer in its strategy to become a multidisciplinary university with an academic reputation in Asia by 2030. With a strong and persistent vitality at the age of 45, UEH is ready to conquer new heights, with the desire to reach the international level.

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