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In its 45 years of establishment and growth from 1976, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) has accumulated countless accolades from various reputable organizations across the world for its outstanding performance in teaching, researching and social contribution. In the age of globalization and as one of 14 key national universities in Economics and Management in Vietnam, UEH continues to be highly ranked internationally. Namely, U-Multirank places UEH in the Top 25 Universities contributing to Lifelong Career Development in the field of Knowledge Transfer for 5 consecutive years since 2016. UEH is also the first and only single-disciplinary Economics and Management Vietnamese university to be ranked in the Top 601+ by QS Asia University Rankings 2021, as well as other top international ranking systems, such as SCImago Institutions Rankings, Webometrics and Eduniversal, etc.

The next 5 years, 2021 – 2025, marks an especially important milestone for the university in its long-term restructuring strategy, moving from a single-disciplinary model to a sustainable and multidisciplinary UEH University. Driven by our vision towards sustainable development and our mission to contribute to sustainable community and society, UEH University core values will include: 

(1) From UEH Learners to Empowered Global Citizens for Sustainable Development: Not only UEH educates successful local and international learners with sufficient skills and integrated expertise, UEH aims to further educate confident individuals, responsible citizens, and effective contributors and empower UEH global citizens to  carry out initiatives for sustainable development.

(2) From Research to Positive Societal Impact: UEH Scientists and researchers are given full autonomy and ideal conditions to carry out scientific studies and consulting local and international projects addressing local and global issues by ethical and an environmentally friendly methods, ultimately leading to new policies, technologies and patents that positively impact society.

(3) Create an UEH Community of Sustainability Changemakers and Art Inspirers: Empower leaners and staff to act on sustainability through student groups, extra-curricular activities, staff engagement... This is a community is consisted of talents who were, are and will be studying, working, teaching, researching, participating at UEH. These people who continue to inspire and pioneer in innovation while striving for sustainable development  and a lifetime of excellence

(4) Together for a More Sustainable Future: All teaching, researching, consulting and community connecting activities at UEH shall unanimously serve a collaborative development for the sustainable community and society locally and internationally.

With these new positioning values, UEH wishes to foster a renewed image of a leading university in the new age: (1) Quality - Trustworthy –Sustainable; (2) Integrated; (3) Innovative – High Tech; (4) Art Inspiring – Happiness - Pioneering, through our countless educating, researching, consulting and community connecting activities.

In realizing and celebrating the transformation of our university, UEH is pleased to announce the slogan competition, and call for the participation of our local and international communities. Each individual and your stories play an important and integral role in the development of UEH on our journey to become a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable UEH University.

1. Eligibility:

- The slogan competition is for global citizens as well as, all Vietnamese citizens current living and working in Vietnam and around the world;

- UEH encourages the participation of professional creators, artists, and PR specialists in education, along with students and staff currently working and studying at the university. 

2. Judging Panel:

Prof. Nguyen Dong Phong – Chairman of UEH University Council

Dr. Bui Quang Hung – Vice President of UEH

Prof. Yi-Chen Lan, Pro Vice-Chancellor Global Development, Western Sydney University (Australia)

Prof. Géraldine Michel, Brand Specialist IAE Paris, Sorbonne Business School (France)

Mr. Richard Moore – Chairman, Creative General Director Richard Moore Associates company

3. Timeline:     

4. Selection & Awards:

01 Grand Award: For first-place winner whose slogan will be selected or revised to use officially for UEH University for the academic years. Total prize value up to #60 million VND (~US $2,500)

- Cash prize: 50 million VND (~ US $2000)

- UEH swags: backpack, water bottle, thermal tumbler, notebook

- 03 free nights at UEH Hotel (including room & service fees, excluding food & dining expenses)

04 Awards of Excellence: For other winning entrants whose submissions will be selected  or revised to use as promotional taglines and messages for all UEH University key activities.

- Cash prize: 5 million VND (~ US $220)

- UEH swags: water bottle, thermal tumbler, notebook

5. Evaluation Criteria:

Content & Meaning:

(1) Be compatible with the 3 main transitional stages for UEH University

- From University of Economics Hochiminh City (UEH) to UEH University in sustainable development

- From economics and management fields to boundless multidisciplinary sustainable academic development

- From UEH learners to become empowered global citizens in sustainability.

(2) Be compatible with the 04 positioning values of UEH University:

- From UEH Learners to Empowered Global Citizens for Sustainable Development;

- From Research to Positive Societal Impact;

- UEH Community of Sustainable Changemakers and Art Inspirers;

- Together for a More Sustainable Future.

(3) Be compatible with the spirit and personality of UEH University, especially these 4 traits: Quality – Integrated – Innovative - Art Inspiring

- Quality - Trustworthy - Sustainable

- Integrated

- Innovative - High Tech

- Art Inspiring - Happiness - Pioneering


(1) Short and concise

(2) Priority consideration will be given to any and all English submissions (due to the internationalization goal of UEH). Consequently, submissions must contain words, phrases, grammar points, and sentence structures that are accurate, creative, easy to remember and understand. The submission must also ensure its comparable translation to Vietnamese in terms of wording and overall meaning

(3) All submissions must ensure proper intonation, fluency, rhythm, and readability both in English and Vietnamese

6. Participation Rules:

- Slogan ideas must be unique, different, and not in replica of any other published idea and/or creation. At any time during the contest, should an idea be proved to have violated intellectual property, the submission will be forfeited, and awards will be revoked.

- The Organizing Committee reserves the right to use and distribute all submitted content, written artifacts, and graphics to the contest for the purpose of education, entertainment, and school activities without having to obtain permission or compensating the individual or author group.

- During the contest, all individual and group participants are not permitted to share/post their submission to other media channels and are only allowed to use the link provided by the Organizing Committee.

- In the event of dispute or disagreement, in accordance with the contest rules, the final decision belongs to the Organizing Committee.

7. See idea evaluation process and criteria here 

8. Sign up and submit your ideas here    

9. Contact information: Ms. Hanh An Le - UEH Marketing-Communication Office, anlth@ueh.edu.vn.