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University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City is in the Top 860 World Universities for Sustainability in accordance with QS World University Ranking Sustainability 2024

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City is in the Top 860 World Universities for Sustainability in accordance with QS World University Ranking Sustainability 2024

In addition to the achievements in the Top 301+ Best Universities in Asia in 2024 (QS Asia University Rankings 2024), this Top 301-400 Universities contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations according to the THE Impact Rankings 2023, December 5, 2023, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) continues to record encouraging results, officially entering the Top 860 World Universities for Sustainability 2024 (QS World Ranking Sustainability 2024). This is a testament to UEHs commitment towards implementing the Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University strategy, using the knowledge foundation to solve social challenges and create a positive impact through academic activities.

Positive results upon participating in QS World Ranking Sustainability for the first time

In October 2022, the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) educational organization, UK, for the first time, announced the results of the World University Sustainability Ranking 2023 (QS World Ranking Sustainability 2023) with the participation of 700 educational facility. This ranking highlights the different ways that educational institutions around the world are taking action to address Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Accordingly, the ranking criteria include: Environmental impact (45%), Social impact (45%), Management (10%). Moreover, to be eligible to participate in this ranking, educational institutions must be ranked in the QS World University rankings, QS regional rankings or QS subject rankings.

As the first University in Vietnam to announce our pursuit towards the Multidisciplinary University strategy and sustainable action, Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics (UEH), in 2023,  proactively participated in the QS World Ranking Sustainability 2024 and achieved very positive results: Top 860 in the World, Top 234 in Asia and Top 3 in Vietnam. The 2024 rankings include 1,403 educational institutions around the world, including 478 Asian educational institutions and 8 educational institutions in Vietnam. Therefore, UEH’s results are completely positive upon participating in this ranking for the first time.

UEH achieving positive results upon participating in the QS World Ranking Sustainability for the first time

Being committed to implementing a Multi-sectoral and Sustainable strategy, using a knowledge foundation to solve social challenges and to create positive impact

Participating in the QS World Ranking Sustainability 2024 is a concrete demonstration of UEH’s commitment to implementing the Multidisciplinary University strategy and sustainable actions, using the knowledge foundation to solve social challenges and create more positive impacts.

* Being committed to creating positive impacts on the sustainable development of society

Through its training function, UEH has equipped learners with the ability to make wise and balanced decisions while providing them with the foundational knowledge both to understand and to make a concrete difference possible for the environment and society, towards sustainable development. As in the Vietnam Netherlands Graduate Program (VNP), the program, in addition to providing specialized knowledge in economics, finance and analytical tools, focuses on integrating knowledge regarding Environmental Economics, Sustainable Development, Circular Economy and so on together  and practical projects listed as the afforestation program with 500 native wood (Vietnamese names as bang lang, rosewood, chieu lieu, go mat, huynh, trac den, lim zet) planted in July 2023 in Dong Nai Cultural Nature Reserve. Along with that, other training programs aimed at sustainable education have been built in the recent time listed as: Master’s Program in Economics and Environmental Management, Master’s Program in Corporate and Environmental Sustainability Management and so on.

Concurrently, UEH has been transforming ‘traditional’ professions in the fields of Business, Economics, Law, and Management towards becoming more sustainable on the foundation of combining technology, design, and innovation. In 2023, UEH has enrolled 05 new trending training programs associated with technological elements, taking technological elements as the center of the new generation, multidisciplinary and sustainable University experience: Technology Financial Technology (Fintech); Marketing Technology (Martech); Digital Business; Robotics And Artificial Intelligence (Robot & AI, Engineering Systems); Logistics Technology (Logtech, Engineer System).

During the training process, UEH has supported learners in building personal brands by actively organizing scientific research activities for students; organizing international student exchanges and exchanges; sponsoring students to carry out start-up projects and so on. In particular, UEH’s efforts to expand its network of more than 500 reputable domestic and foreign businesses in the recent years have brought students many opportunities like internships and careers immediately after graduation. City Internship and Job Fair Ho Chi Minh City organized by UEH every year has brought more than 5,000 jobs, connecting learners with hundreds of businesses. Working together to maintain a network of more than 240,000 alumni with many managers, local leaders, successful businessmen and so on, UEH has been helping students build a quality relationship foundation to serve individual future career development

City Internship and Job Fair Ho Chi Minh City organized by UEH every year has brought more than 5,000 jobs, connecting learners with hundreds of businesses.

Along with the training strategy, UEH has promoted research and international cooperation tasks associated with solving contemporary social problems. The number of internationally published articles in accordance with the Scopus database (as of October 2023) increased from 357 articles (in 2020) to 534 articles (in 2021) and 630 articles (in 2022), of which nearly 50% announcement in association with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Many international cooperation activities for the sustainable development of the community are implemented in a variety of ways, including: Participating directly with public organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to discuss and to develop policies books on future strategies and models; Actively initiating and participating in interdisciplinary dialogue on SDGs through domestic and international conferences and seminars; International cooperation to collect and measure data for the SDGs; Adoption and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in China - Agenda 2030; Collaboration with NGOs to address the SDGs through student volunteer programs, research programs, educational resource development and so on.

Number and level in terms of influence of UEHs international publications associated with the UN's 16 Sustainable Development Goals from 2020-2023 (in accordance with the data extracted from the Scopus Database in Nov. 2023)

What is more special, UEH has always been striving to commit to equality for each learner. These are useful activities to support people with disabilities listed as: Implementing walking programs; Awarding incentive scholarships; investment in suitable facilities and equipment for people with disabilities (toilets, specialized stairs and so on); Supporting learners in difficult circumstances through scholarship policies, study credits, and bank loan guarantees; Establishing the Student Care and Support Department (DSA) to promptly support all difficulties and needs of each learner; Building medical rooms in UEH Campuses to ensure health problems; Implementing equality policies regardless of gender or race. Along with that, implementing social responsibility to the community through practical activities: donating funds to support the Preventive Vaccine Fund COVID-19; Supporting poor people affected by the epidemic; Economics Student Volunteer Campaign; Connecting resources and building a sustainable ecosystem for the startup community through the Innovative Startup program; Transfer knowledge to the community through the program “Community Connection - Knowledge Spread - Sustainable Action”.

* Being committed to creating positive impacts on the environment

UEH’s development strategy is Multidisciplinary and Sustainable, in addition to promoting multi-disciplinary and multi-field training and research capacity, focuses on educating awareness and creating positive impacts on the environment for a sustainable future.

A typical example of UEH’s efforts is “UEH Green Campus” - the first Green University project in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam. With the goal of building innovative educational platforms as well as communicating knowledge and changing the behavior of UEHers and the community, the project is expected not only to reduce waste on campus but also to gradually change the behaviors of the community in joining hands to implement a green, clean, resource-saving university in many aspects. From 2021-2023, the project has had many new out-reach activities regarding sustainable green living activities to help change UEHer’s perception; connecting universities, experts, and recycling collection units; multi-lateral connection of relevant parties; connecting and empowering students to proactively organize activities; implementing a plan to improve trash bin clusters into a green practice station model; implementing Living Lab UEHGC; promulgating Green University Regulations; official testing and operation of the Green Practice Station - UEH Go Green Station; connecting with collection and recycling partners to organize the UEH Green Citizen Day program; launching an Application (App) to support identification and classification of waste at source based on artificial intelligence (AI) platform, receiving the companionship of more than 1,000 UEH students at all levels and systems, providing more data sources with 37,900 photos.

7-trash can Model are equipped at UEH Facilities

* Being committed to building a good governance model

“Democracy - Openness - Fairness” is a consistent principle in UEH’s management and operating activities. All members are equal with guaranteed rights and can regularly participate in decision-making and implementation of policies, activities, and programs. The organization of the management and the administration apparatus is carried out in accordance with a democratic mechanism, through widespread feedback, voting to elect reputable leaders at all levels of units, unions and so on. UEH Trade Union is an organization representing the interests of workers; Student Association and UEH Youth Union as well as University Council have students involved. Regulations and policies are made public to employees listed as: Regulations on organization and operation of the School; Functions and tasks of units belonging to and affiliated with UEH University; UEH Research Code of Conduct; Reports on the implementation of regulations on yearly publicizing and so on.

Previously, in June 2023, UEH led compared to other 9 Universities in Vietnam, honored to be in the Top 301-400 Universities in the world contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (17 Sustainable Development Goals). Development Goals - SDGs) according to THE Impact Rankings 2023. Together with the recent QS World Ranking Sustainability 2024 results, this achievement has demonstrated UEH’s strong efforts for the sustainable development of the community.

“This impressive result has affirmed UEHs strategic orientations on the journey of nearly 50 years of formation and development, which have been, are, and always aim at sustainability and balance among the following factors of Environmental, Society and Governance (ESG - Environmental - Social - Governance). This result is a testament to the UEHer teams steadfast commitment to the Multi-sectoral development strategy and Sustainable action within the 2021-2030 period. With our own pioneering spirit and internal strength, we do hope that all UEHers will accompany and proactively face new challenges to join the school in creating a brighter future for learners, the community and the world, contributing to the development of a more prosperous society.” - Prof. PhD. Nguyen Dong Phong - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Council of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) emphasized.

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