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UEH Organizing The 10th International Conference On Emerging Challenges: Strategic Adaptation In The World Of Uncertainties (ICECH 2022)

UEH Organizing The 10th International Conference On Emerging Challenges: Strategic Adaptation In The World Of Uncertainties (ICECH 2022)

On November 4 and 5, 2022, UEH University (UEH) is honored to organize the 10th International Conference on Emerging Challenges with the theme "Strategic Adaptation in the World of Uncertainties" - called ICECH 2022 in cooperation with other national and international universities and organizations. The conference attracted more than 200 guests, including honored guests, speakers, authors, researchers, lecturers, Ph.D. students, and students attending in person and online from many countries around the world. ICECH2022 aims to provide a forum for academics and professionals to share research findings, experiences, and knowledge for adaptation and business strategy in a post-Covid as well as various uncertainties and complexities in the world in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The International Conference on Emerging Challenges (ICECH) is an annual conference organized by 10 national and foreign universities and organizations: UEH University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology – School of Economics and Management, University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi, National Economics University – Faculty of Business and Management, The University of Danang – University of Economics, Vietnam National University – International School, Foreign Trade University, University of Hertfordshire (UK), AVSE Global (France) and PPM School of Management (Indonesia). On the occasion of the 10th time holding the international scientific conference ICECH as well as after two years of online organization because of the Covid-19 pandemic, UEH University is honored to host the ICECH 2022 conference at the Campus B in 2 days November 4-5, 2022 with a hybrid mode to adapt to the digital transformation in the new era, creating conditions for researchers, lecturers, and students in Viet Nam and abroad can flexibly choose the form of participation, enhancing opportunities for exchanges and sharing knowledge.

The ICECH 2022 conference is honored to be sponsored by the following journals: Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (SSCI, IF = 3.979), VNU Journal of Science: Economics and BusinessJournal of Economic Studies (The University of Danang – University of Economics)Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (JABES) (Scopus; ESCI-WoS), Journal of Management and Business Review (JMBR)Journal of Vietnam's Socio-Economic DevelopmentJournal of International Economics and Management (JIEM)Journal of Risk Finance (ESCI, Scopus Q3), Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information System (ESCI) and the opportunity to public Special issue with the theme “The Roles of Information Systems in an Uncertain World: An ASEAN's Perspective” on Tạp chí Pacific Asian Journal of the Association for Information System.

To open the conference, Prof. Su Dinh Thanh stated: “The instability of the world and the business environment requires corporations to adjust their business strategies to be able to adapt and survive in the long term such as sustainable development tasks, attracting participation of businesses with the community and stakeholders, ensure sustainable consumption and production models, build risk-resilient infrastructure, promote green growth, technological innovation, digital transformation, and supply chain diversification. These significant changes have led to the emergence of several academic as well as practical problems in strategic management, risk management, finance, accounting, auditing, and technology. Against this background, the updating of theoretical and practical contents, academic exchanges on the economic situation, domestic and international trade, and adaptive strategic options in many other scientific aspects each other is necessary to help scientists, lecturers, and researchers strengthen their scientific research and teaching capacity, meet the requirements of practice, contribute to providing solutions to businesses and organizations deal with risks and uncertainties in a volatile business environment.”

Representatives of co-organizers, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Danh Nguyen - Director of the Institute of Economics and Management - Hanoi University of Science and Technology (SEM - HUST) shared “To survive and overcome difficult periods in the constantly changing environment, organizations need to set up for themselves appropriate strategies and countermeasures. That's why our conference theme this year is Strategic adaptation in the world of uncertainties.”

Opening the ICECH conference, 3 keynote speakers, who are scientists with a leading academic reputations in the world, respectively presented presentations with the topic of: 

·  Topic: “The Future of CSR Research & Practice after COVID-19”

Prof. Andrew Crane,

Professor of Business and Society - Director, Centre for Business,

Organizations and Society, School of Management, University of Bath, UK

·  Topic: “The Metaverse Landscape for Luxury Brands”

Prof. Ian Phau, John Curtin

Distinguished Professor - Position: Discipline Lead Marketing, Faculty of Business and Law, Curtin University, Australia

Editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

·  Topic: “Research on the Demand for Accounting Expertise”

Prof. Mitchell Reeb, Head of Department, Accounting, Professor of Accounting and Professor of Finance

Out of a total of 180 articles from more than 10 countries around the world submitted to the Conference, through the peer-review process, has selected 146 qualified articles (acceptance rate of 85.8%; foreign authorship rate of 20%) to present at the ICECH 2022 under 6 groups of topics. The conference attracted 200 guests, including honored guests, speakers, authors, researchers, lecturers, Ph.D. students, and students attending directly (offline) and online from the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia.... In two days (November 4-5, 2022), ICECH 2022 held 20 parallel discussion sessions related to Economics, Management, Supply Chain and Operations Management, Finance and Banking, Innovation and Technology, Accounting and Auditing, and Policy The law; along with a panel discussion and the theme "The Strategic Role of Digitalization in an Uncertain World" with the participation of representatives from education, business, and professional associations.

At the closing session of ICECH 2022, the Organizing Committee awarded awards to authors with excellent research papers on new topics as follows:

·         Author Huong Ha (Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore) for research paper “Corporate social responsibility and climate change mitigation by banks in Singapore”;

·         Author Rahmat Mulyana (Stockholm University, Sweden) and Lazar Rusu (Stockholm University, Sweden) for research paper “Hybrid it governance mechanisms that influence digital transformation and organizational performance in Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)”;

·         Author Nguyen Thi Hoa Hong (Foreign Trade University, Viet Nam) and Le Thi Thanh Tam (Foreign Trade University, Viet Nam) for research paper “Corporate reputation, information asymmetry, and the cost of equity in an emerging market: Evidence from Vietnam”;

With high-quality content in both theory and practice, the International Scientific Conference ICECH 2022 once again spreads useful knowledge and information, affirming the importance of creating opportunities. for domestic and foreign scientists, researchers, and experts to share their ideas and research results, contributing to the collective common knowledge for Vietnam and the world.   

Some photos at Conference:

New, photos: School of Business, Department of Marketing & Communication