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UEH ranked as Top 1 Best Universities in Vietnam (U-Multirank Ranking, 2022)

UEH ranked as Top 1 Best Universities in Vietnam (U-Multirank Ranking, 2022)

World University Ranking Organization U-Multirank has officially announced the results of a multi-dimensional assessment towards Universities and Colleges around the world in 2022, in which, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) is recognized as the Best University in Vietnam and in the Top 66 Leading Universities in Asia.

UEH - The Best University in Vietnam in accordance with the U-Multirank Ranking

U-Multirank is an independent organization that ranks universities in the world, with funding coming from the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Program. This ranking provides a multi-dimensional assessment towards Universities and Colleges around the world with the purpose of helping students choose the best schools for themselves as well as universities identify strengths and weaknesses, serving university development strategies.

Every year, the U-Multirank ranking publishes a list of 25 universities with the best evaluation indexes in the following categories: (i) Research (The number of research publications, The number of daily cited publications, The number of interdisciplinary publications); (ii) Knowledge Transfer (The number of joint publications with industry partners, The number of patents granted, The contribution to lifelong career development); (iii) International orientation (Transportation of students in international joint programs, The number of publications co-researched with international authors); (iv) Regional Research Links (The number of publications co-researched with local authors); (v) Teaching and learning (Students-Faculty ratio).

In accordance with the latest ranking results in 2022, UEH is officially The Best University in Vietnam upon our leading all criteria. At the same time, in the Top 66 Best Universities in Asia (out of 467 Universities participating in the ranking).

The above results, once again, indicate UEH’ consistent and effective development strategy on their journey to become a multidisciplinary and sustainable university with an academic reputation in Asia with two main focuses: Quality training, Research and knowledge transfer, and Sustainable Development.

UEH being as The Top 1 of the Best Universities in Vietnam in accordance with U-Multirank 2022

UEH being ranked 66th position out of 467 Asian Universities participating in the ranking

UEH being ranked at 7th position out of 25 Leading Universities in terms of the field of Economics in Asia


Multidisciplinary development, leading training, research and knowledge transfer in Vietnam

Implementing the strategy of becoming a multidisciplinary and sustainable university, UEH has been expanding our training and research into other diverse fields, in addition to Business; Economics, Law, and State Administration fields that have been recognized by various national and international rankings (World QS 2021, U-Multirank 2022 and so on). Typically, the group is in the fields of Technology and Design, with specialized training in Mathematics - Statistics, Economic Information Systems, Technology, Computers, Innovation, Architecture, Planning and Design.

In addition to the multidisciplinary expansion, the training programs of each level and system are designed to be diverse and flexible, suitable to the needs of various groups of learners, including: Vietnamese training programs, training programs in English, Dual degree programs and more. UEH training methods have been improved and digitized towards the direction of multi-modality including: direct teaching (traditional), online (E-learning) and Blended Learning (a method that combines traditional teaching and E-learning). This is an effort that have been going hand in hand with each individual’s lifelong knowledge career with whatever conditions, circumstances and needs (lifelong learning) that UEH's multidisciplinary and sustainable strategy is aiming for.

What is more noteworthy, the criteria for evaluating training results are highly appreciated in the U-Multirank Ranking listed as: the Bachelor’s graduation rate of UEH students is 83.24% (evaluated at B level – equal to Good); the Master’s on-time graduation rate reaches 97.84% (evaluated at A level – equal to Excellent).

In terms of the group of criteria for evaluating research results is highly appreciated in terms of citation rate, the number of international publications with international co-authors (grade A), the number of publications in cooperation with local authorities (state agencies, local businesses) (grade C). In fact, the year 2021 will record outstanding research achievements of UEH team of scientists, in which, 507 articles are published in prestigious international journals under the Web of Science database, Scopus and ABDC (grade B or higher), an increase of 33% compared to that of 2020. To be more specific, 83.8% of UEH’s articles published in journals are ranked in Q1 and Q2 Subgroups in accordance with Scopus database (of which Q1 accounts for 56.5%). 20.1% of UEH’s publications are ranked in the TOP 10% of the most-cited publications in the world. Most of the articles published internationally are published in journals that belong to prestigious publishers recognized by the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development, listed as Springer, Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Taylor and Francis, Sage and Emerald. The number of interdisciplinary publications of UEH in the recent years reaches the rate of 4.2%. In addition, the group of joint research activities, interdisciplinary publications accounts for 4.2% of the total number of UEH publications while that of regional and local affiliated publications accounts for 20.1%.

In terms of the group of criteria for knowledge transfer, contribution to lifelong career development receives rather impressive ratings (score A). This is the criterion that, in 2020, UEH was honored to enter the Top 25. In the general development strategy,

UEH has always been concentrating on promoting activities of connecting, spreading and transferring knowledge to the community through annual specific action programs. Notable examples are as follows: the series of scientific seminars at City/National/International levels “Bring Global to Local”, “Community connection - Spreading knowledge - Sustainable action” Program, “Bring Global to Local” Program. Regarding “Giving To UEH”, a science and technology business model originating from a research institute, a Spin-off University allows inventors to commercially exploit intellectual property, knowledge spread cards to community in “Research contribute for all” and so on. Accordingly, UEH owns a network of links and knowledge transfer with more than 20 state agencies; 500 domestic and foreign enterprises; 240,000 alumni with a massive number of managers, local leaders, successful entrepreneurs and so on.

The sunburst chart clearly illustrating UEH’s competency profile based on 5 U-Multirank criteria, from which, UEH is rated as a strong research university, and overall, UEH scores 9 “A” (distinctive results)

Orientation to internationalization - Step to affirm UEH brand on the world stage

In addition to the multidisciplinary and sustainable strategy, over the past time, UEH has focused on internationalization orientation in training and research activities.

Student exchange programs, joint training programs as well as international dual degrees are increasingly being expanded. UEH’s Bachelor’s program for Foreigners accounts for 7.14%, student exchange rate reaches 0.05%, and the exchange rate of international lecturers reaches 4.42%. all of which are expected to increase after the Covid-19 pandemic. With a network of nearly 130 top quality and prestigious Universities in the world, UEH has become a prestigious educational institution in Vietnam and Asia, attracting international learners in the region. Typical names are as follows: Business Administration Program affiliated with City University of Seattle (USA), Kwangwoon University (Korea); International Business Program affiliated with University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (Switzerland); Program in Finance in association with University of Rennes 1 (France); Banking Program with exchange program with Vinius University (Lithuania), University of Siena (Italy); Program in Tourism and Travel Service Management and Hotel Management in association with NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands); Program of Architecture and Smart Urban Design in association with the University of Auckland (New Zealand); Western Sydney Bachelor’s Program; Global Pathways study abroad Program; Master Program in Human Resource Management MBS 1+1 – MMngt HRM (Massey University, New Zealand) and more.

Prof. Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - Rector of UEH – asserts as follows: “As a national key public University, we have been working every day to affirm the academic position of UEH in particular and of Vietnamese higher international education arena. Not only one prestigious world ranking, more diverse prestigious world rankings have started to recognize from the quality of teaching, training to in-depth research listed as: Top 1 Best University in Vietnam (U-Multirank Ranking 2022); Top 551+ Best Universities in Asia (QS Asia University Rankings 2022); Top 298 Best Universities in Asia (SCImago Ranking 2022), all of which have partly proved our determination. It is the determination of a collective UEHers to understand and to implement the strategy of becoming a multi-disciplinary, multi-major, research-oriented and sustainable action University, in the journey from the Leading University in Vietnam to global University.”

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