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UEH - The one and only Single-Disciplinary Vietnamese University specializing in Economics ranked among The Best Asian Universities (QS World University Ranking - 2021 Asia report)

UEH - The one and only Single-Disciplinary Vietnamese University specializing in Economics ranked among The Best Asian Universities (QS World University Ranking - 2021 Asia report)

With 650 institutions featured, compared to only 550 from 2020, the recently released QS Asia University Rankings 2021 is QS’ biggest Asia Rankings yet!
This year, specifically for Vietnam, QS welcomed an additional three universities on top of last year’s distinguished eight, in which University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) is now a proud member of Asia Region’s Top 601+ Best Universities.
Through hard work, diligence and dedication, UEH, the one and only single-disciplinary Vietnamese university specializing in economics, has been elevated to a whole new academic level, allowing us to take a giant leap towards a more competitively distinct future within the international educational arena.
Similar to the methodology used for QS World University Rankings, QS Asia Report focuses on highlighting top universities in Asia yearly, with more emphasis on additional indicators and adapted weightings. Together with regional academic experts and stakeholders and drawing on as much available data as possible, QS has selected 11 key indicators (eg: academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, international research network, citations per paper and papers per faculty), all of which were designed to reflect several top priorities for universities in Asia.
In this latest issue of QS Asia University Rankings 2021, UEH claims its first victory, and building on that, we commit to continuously perform to maintain our fierce worldly reputation, allowing our UEH community to further enrich their research capabilities and higher rankings in the years to come.
Webometrics has just released the Ranking of World Universities periodically mid-year and annually. Accordingly, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) remained its ranking of 11th, continuing to rank first among universities in economics and business in Vietnam according to the latest Webometrics Ranking (January 2021).
The Webometrics Ranking has been conducted by Cybermetrics Labs (under the National Research Council of Spain) since 2004, with data collected at the beginning of January and July each year and published at the end of the month. This ranking includes more than 28,000 global higher education institutions.
The Ranking assesses Visibility (the influence of the website system and online information), Transparency or Openness (of academic resources on Google Scholar), and Excellent or Scholar (measures the quantity of most cited articles.)
According to the assessment of Webometrics organization, the ranking indicators are defined with the specific change weight as follows:

1. Visibility: The index about the number of links pointing to the university's website. Data retrieved from Ahref and Majestic. This index evaluates the influence of the university's website system (weight: 50%).

2. Transparency or Openness: The index about 210 leading university scientists’ citations with records on Google Scholar. Data retrieved from Google Scholar profiles. This index relates to the degree of academic coverage of the university (weight: 10%).
3. Excellence or Scholar: The index that ranks the university's number of articles in the top 10% of the most cited articles in 27 professional fields (2015-2019). The data retrieved is from Scimago. This index evaluates the quality of high-level research works of the university (weight: 40%).
Since July 2020, UEH has had an outstanding promotion to the top 11 universities in Vietnam, and continues to maintain this ranking up to now. This result shows the university's efforts to develop communication, actively promote the brand, especially in the online environment, promote international publication and share open scholarly resources to foster knowledge transfer and diffusion.

News, photo: Department of Research Management and International Cooperation, Department of Marketing and Communication