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Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (JABES) being Q1 SCOPUS-indexed in  with accordance Scimago data

Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (JABES) being Q1 SCOPUS-indexed in with accordance Scimago data

After 1 year officially recognized in SCOPUS, on May 4, 2023, JABES was announced by Scimago Journal & Country Rank that JABES is ranked the highest percentile Q1 in the field of Economics, Econometrics and Finance.

The Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (JABES) is a scientific journal in the field of economics and business, under the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. JABES includes two versions: The English version (JABES-E) publishes 4 issues/year on the system of Emerald International Publishing House; and the Vietnamese version (JABES-V) publishes 12 issues/year.

Especially, JABES-E officially entered SCOPUS in March 2022, being ranked B under the ABDC category from March 2023 and ESCI under Web of Science from June 2021.

Most recently, on May 4, 2023, SCImago ranked prestigious scientific journals in SCOPUS, and JABES was evaluated by SCImago in the Q1 percentile of Economics, Econometrics and Finance. This achievement once again affirms JABES-E's academic reputation in the domestic and international scientific community.

SCImago (with headquarter in Spain) is a research organization whose mission is to provide information on the quality of scientific research by countries, research institutions, and the prestige of journals through the analysis of indexes based on the SCOPUS database built by Elsevier Publishing House (Netherlands) since 2004. SCImago ranks the quality of journals by the SJR index (SCImago Journal Ranking), which takes into account the number of citations each journal receives and the reputation of the journals that cite it. This index was developed by SCImago from Google’s website ranking algorithm (Google PageRank) that excludes self-quoted content, or considers other factors such as author diversity and content. Scimago Journal Rank has 4 percentiles. The journals in the Q1 percentile have the best quality, followed by the journals in Q2, Q3, and finally Q4.

Source: https://www.scopus.com/sourceid/21101089576

The community of scholars and researchers interested in JABES is beyond Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This proves that in addition to countries in Asia, JABES is also interested by scholars in developed countries and this contributes to the academic prestige of UEH in particular and the Vietnamese academic community in particular.

Currently, JABES of UEH is waiting for the official results from the ABS Directory (an influential list of European scholars) and is working hard for the ACBES 2023 Annual International Conference in the direction of constantly improving high-quality and academic influence from global scientists. JABES is always ready to welcome the domestic and foreign academic community to submit papers to attend the ACBES Conference 2023. For details regarding the Conference, please visit the Website: https://acbes.ueh.edu.vn/

Over 48 years of establishment and development, UEH has gradually affirmed our position as a solid research-oriented University through a series of methodical and continuous activities and policies on the development of academic capacity in terms of quantity and quality. The latest achievement gained by JABES is a great contribution to UEH's journey to becoming a Multidisciplinary University with an academic reputation and sustainable action in Asia by 2030.

JABES Continues To Successfully Internationalize When Officially Recognized In The ABDC List In March 2023

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