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UEH increasing 100 places: Being in Top 301+ of Asia's Best Universities on QS Asia 2024 Rankings

UEH increasing 100 places: Being in Top 301+ of Asia's Best Universities on QS Asia 2024 Rankings

On November 8, 2023, Quacquarelli Symonds Education Organization, UK announced the results of ranking the Best Universities in Asia in 2024 (QS Asia University Rankings 2024). Accordingly, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) officially entered the Top 301+ of the Best Universities in the region, 100 places higher compared to that position of the previous year and continuously has promoted in the previous 3 years.

Promotion for 3 consecutive years, entering the Top 301+ of Asia's Best Universities in 2024

Since appearing for the first time in the QS Asia University Rankings from 2020, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) has increased its rankings strongly and continuously, affirming our reputation in training and research in the international arena. Further details are to be presented as follows:

In 2020, UEH entered the Top 601+ Best Universities in Asia in accordance with QS Asia University Rankings 2021 with the participation of 650 educational institutions. What is more special, UEH is the first and only economics University in Vietnam that has ever entered the QS Asia University Rankings 2021. This outcome has helped raise UEH’s academic reputation and marked a great leap forward, creating UEH’s distinct competitive advantage in the international education market.

In 2021, UEH was promoted to the Top 551+ Best Universities in Asia 2022 in accordance with the QS Asia University Rankings 2022 and was among the 10 Vietnamese Universities listed in this ranking.

In 2022, UEH continued to increase sharply 150 places higher, entering the Top 401+ of Asia’s Best Universities in accordance with QS Asia University Rankings 2023. This result marks a milestone for UEH in achieving our key goal for the 2020-2020 period in terms of the strategy to develop UEH into a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University that UEH has set.

On this development momentum, in 2023, the news that UEH will officially enter the Top 301+ of Asia’s Best Universities in the QS Asia University Rankings 2024 has just been announced on November 8, 2023. The 2024 rankings feature 857 educational institutions in Asia, including 149 new participating educational institutions. UEH is ranked at the 6th position among 15 Vietnamese educational institutions listed on this ranking. The important indicators contribute to UEH’s achieving the 2024 ranking results include: (1) Number of citations per article, (2) International research network, (3) Recruitment reputation, and (4) Academic reputation.

UEH being in the Top 301+ of Asias Best Universities in the QS Asia University Rankings

In short, in only 3 years, the fact that UEH has increased more than 300 places on this prestigious world academic ranking (QS Asia University Rankings) affirms the academic brand of UEH in particular and that of Vietnam in general in the region and the world.

“UEH has had 47 very successful years as a key University in Economics, Management and Law, constantly increasing our ranking position in the region and the world. Currently, having officially become a Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University with new fields of Technology and Design that affirms the capacity and the brand of training, research as well as the contributions to the community must be abosolutely more important and be paid attention to. Today, achieving the Top 301+ position on the QS Asia University Rankings 2024 is a great achievement for our UEH team. I do believe that, continuing to promote the spirit of persistent effort, UEH will succeed as a Multidisciplinary University with academic reputation and sustainable action in the Asian region by 2030.” - Prof. PhD. Nguyen Dong Phong, Chairman of the UEH Council stated.

5-pillar strategy with systematic orientations, contributing to increasing UEHs presence in the international community

The positive results achieved in the recent time stem from the development strategies with systematic orientations for each stage that UEH has set. The first is the Multidisciplinary and Sustainable University strategy announced in 2021 with the following 5 pillars: (1) Global Citizen Training - Sustainable Action; (2) Research for the public benefit; (3) Operation: From circular campus to Green University; (4) Community of people who inspire the arts and lead change for sustainable development; (5) Governance: Prioritized sustainable development. This is the foundation for UEH’s recent promotion of upgrading training, research, community connection and internationalization.

*The quality of training is constantly upgraded, linked to social practices and internationally connected

Over the years, UEH’s training program has grown strongly in quantity and quality. The total number of university training programs increases from 54 (2021) to 63 (2022); Postgraduate training programs increase from 51 (2021) to 56 (2022) along with the diversity of short-term training and refresher courses, linked to market needs; Meeting educational quality standards in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training; 17 training programs meeting two international standards: FIBAA and AUN-QA. Concurrently, training programs are developed by UEH towards being multidisciplinary in terms of the direction of integrating interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary aspects in each training field and expanding new training fields related to Technology, Design, Innovation and so on that meets practical social needs.

In addition, international training programs with prestigious Universities in the world are strongly implemented by UEH, helping students access to the study programs of prestigious Universities in the world and saving study-and-travel costs as well as expanding the career opportunities through international degrees listed as: Bachelor of ASEAN Co-op; Bachelor of Western Sydney; Global Pathway Program, Bachelor of Applied Finance, University of Rennes 1, France; Lincoln Bachelor 1+2; Victoria University of Wellington Joint Program (UEH-VUW); Mekong International Bachelor; Dutch Master's Program (Master MAE & DDP) and so on along with short-term international courses taught by world-famous experts listed as: Course Application of virtual reality and augmented reality in design in Rome, Italy; Short course on Technology Application in Creativity with Holography and so on.

Not only has UEH affirmed its domestic training brand but also been attracting a lot of interest from international students to study at UEH. The number of international students increases from 110 students in 2020 to 146 students from 10 countries in 2022.

*Enhancing recruitment reputation, diverse career opportunities for learners

With the asserted reputation for training high-quality human resources to meet the needs of the market over the past time, the brand “graduates from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City - UEH” is always recognized by businesses that appreciate and welcome newly-graduates. Along with that, the efforts to connect a network of more than 125 leading international educational organizations; 500 prestigious businesses and professional associations; 250,000 alumni (UEH Alumni) and so on has been a bridge to bring diverse career opportunities to all generations of UEH students.

Through the meaningful and practical programs that have been carried out regularly and annually listed as: Community connection - Spreading knowledge - Sustainable action, Giving to UEH, City Internship and Job Festival Ho Chi Minh City and so on, UEH’s recruitment reputation has greatly strengthened, helping students orient their careers, boostt practical integration skills, access job opportunities and create conditions for businesses to promote UEH brand to the society in terms of recruiting high quality young human resources.

In particular, in the past 3 years, UEH has actively developed various types of training programs associated with professional associations, ensuring jobs for students upon graduation and serving as a launching pad for building future careers. Notably, the Integrated accounting program with international professional certification is cooperated and developed by UEH, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK). ACCA). After graduating, students will receive 02 prestigious degrees: 01 UEH Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and 01 International Professional Certificate with global practice value. In addition, UEH’s training programs receive guidance, feedback and recognition from international associations listed as: Financial Investment/Finance (CFA Institute USA); Risk analysis and insurance actuaries (American Society of Actuaries - SOA, British Actuaries Association IFoA); Finance/Banking/Tax (Australian Chartered Accountants - CPA); International Finance (Association of Market Technical Analysts - MTA) and so on.

*Researching “Research Contribution For All”: research related to contemporary social issues

Focusing on becoming a research-oriented University, contributing to international academic research achievements; concurrently, associated with solving contemporary social problems, UEH has made strong strides in scientific research activities and international publications on both breadth and depth features.

In accordance with the Scopus database (as of October 2023), the number of UEH’s international collaboration articles has continuously increased from 186 articles (2020) to 289 articles (2021) and 330 articles (2022). During the 2020-2022 period, UEH cooperated to announce with 73 international Universities, in 31 countries around the world.

The number of internationally published articles in accordance with the Scopus database (as of October 2023) increased from 357 articles (2020) to 534 articles (2021) and 630 articles (2022), of which, nearly 50% announced in association with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The number of UEHs internationally published articles is growing continuously (Data in 2023 until October)

The rate of publications in the top 1% of the world’s most cited articles recorded a gradual increase every year: from 5.3% (2020) to 6.4% (2021) and 6.8% (2022). In particular, the number of articles published in Q1 Journals has increased from 177 articles (2020) to 283 articles (2021) and 325 articles (2022), accounting for approximately 60% of the total number of publications from UEH. This reflects UEH’s outstanding results in the number of citations on articles with a ranking of 33 out of 857 educational institutions in Asia, in accordance with QS Asia University Ranking 2024 data.

The rate of publications in the Top 1% of the world's most cited articles increasing every year

According to the Scopus database, the number of articles published in Q1 journals currently accounts for approximately 60% of the total number of publications from UEH

Concurrently, carrying out the mission of transferring knowledge and contributing to the sustainable development of society, UEH has recently implemented the program “Academic Brand” - spreading research and applied knowledge reaching out to the community with the message “Research Contribution for All”. Up to the present time, more than 70 practical applied research topics conducted by UEH teachers, experts, and scientists domestical and abroad have been published and widely shared with the community, contributing solving contemporary problems, aiming for sustainable development.

Pioneering innovation, proactive international integration along with a proper development strategy not only helps UEH affirm our brand on rankings but also makes UEH officially become one of the 7 Universities operating in accordance with the Vietnam’s ‘multi-disciplinary, multi-field university’ model, consistent and integrated with advanced Universities in the world. The new management and operation model will certainly “reinforce” UEH’s training quality, research capacity, knowledge transfer and community connection. Concurrently, this opens up the prospect of increasing our position on prestigious international university rankings, helping UEH approach closer and closer to our goal in 2030: Becoming a Multidisciplinary University with academic reputation. and sustainability in the Asian region./.

News, photos: UEH Department of Marketing - Communication, UEWH Department of Scientific Management – International Relations

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